True Feminine Empowerment

Whole, indivisible, and unbreakable. This is our natural state and the essence of who we are. I recently attended a retreat-style professional training and much to my surprise we had to go through many activities that had to do with the encouragement of feeling the pain of past hurts and doing a practice called Ho’oponopono. This was presented to us because as a woman we harm other women and have wounds from other woman treating us harshly. We had to say to each and every woman, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you.” WTF? This DID NOT resonate with me and I almost had a physiological reaction to doing this. I can say I have done things in the past that hurt others, but do I really need to be going into the past and feeling bad about myself for what I am no longer a part of? And I’ve certainly experienced my share of trauma, but I am definitely not wounded. Last time I checked, I did not see any physical wounds, and the “stuff” that happened is incapable of affecting the essence of who I am. Then to top it off, I shared my thoughts with the group about how I felt having to do this. The facilitator said I needed to take a look at that myself and why it didn’t feel good to do, that there’s something I am not willing to acknowledge. She had me questioning, “Is there something wrong with me that I wouldn’t want to do Ho’oponopono, that there’s something I’m in denial about.” Then I thought to myself, wait a minute, that’s absurd that there’s something wrong with me like she implied, and I stopped judging the nature of who I am. I got solid again in knowing who I am. This is what a lot of retreats are doing for those who have been through highly stressful and intense emotional experiences, but I would invite you to not buy into this point of view that most people hold. Let’s get back to our natural state of wholeness that is there and has always been there. Lets not feel the pain from past events, let’s shift it and activate that light to shine!


After hearing about the transformational retreats I’ve been facilitating for veterans, there’s been a lot of interest from non-military who would like to have the same experience of complete mind and body freedom from past experiences. So, with my recent experience of less than useful retreat activities and the increasing interest in what we do so differently from other retreats, ladies there is an excited new creation being offered in July 2019 to Make Shift Happen! More transformational details to come in the New Year 🙂