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Jenna Marie
February 20, 2018
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It is difficult to express at what point of the story that led me to sitting in room with Kendra Simpkins, and committing to RRT. I am sure that every veteran has sought means of reconciling their present lives with the lives we lived before and the disconnect that those experiences sometimes drive us towards. For me, RRT was not the beginning of the story, but it is certainly the best part. I attempted all kinds of traditional therapies, and some not so traditional, but all required the same thing: reliving these experiences and “tearing the scab off”. This never worked for me, and it never worked because traditional therapies require someone to calculate time in a linear fashion where points of departure can be traced and put in order. For my personal experience, this just isn’t feasible, so I had settled in and accepted the fact that I would have to learn to live with these inconsistencies. The problem with this strategy is you do not learn to live with these things, but rather these inconsistencies in the programming becoming more deep seeded, and the brain’s reactions to them become more intense.

And then my wife mentioned something called RRT. I did some research, watched some videos, and saw the amazing impact it had on my wife. I had already made up my mind that I had tried everything, and I would not have anything to lose by giving RRT a chance.

Kendra and I spoke briefly on the phone, and then I flew down to Sarasota to give this a chance. When I met Kendra I instantly realized that Kendra does not know a stranger. She has an easy smile, and put me instantly at ease knowing that I had no idea what was about to happen. I would love to be able to tell someone play-by-play what happened during the session, but it is difficult to describe to someone how a color made you feel and why.

What I can tell you is what the transformation was like: My symptoms walking into the office, in a general sense, were things like insomnia, intense anxiety, metabolic issues, pelvic pain, headaches, short temper, an apparent “fight or flight” response that would not turn off, a general malaise, a logic/decision process that I did not trust in my own brain, and the list goes on (and I am sure this list is not unique to me).

When I left the office that day, it was the last time I experienced any of those things. That is not a joke. After I left Kendra’s office it was the last time I had a list of any kind. The stress response, the fight or flight response, the brick in my stomach…..all gone. The physical issues I was having were gone. Seriously. They were apparently psychosomatic and the results from the session with Kendra freed all of those things.

The result is that I think my brain has been able to take a deep breath for the first time in decades as far as I can tell. Kendra found a way for my subconscious and my conscious to be on the same page to evaluate the “now” as it is, and not anchored by emotional responses from “then”. All that and I barely even realized it was happening!

RRT is not another treatment, it is a revolution. Everybody should do this regardless of experiences, or how we rate them. If you are a veteran, this is essential to living a “normal” life again. RRT does not require anyone to rip scabs off, just the ability to trust for just a few hours that this is going to work because it does.”