Jenna Marie

Michael Karp
February 19, 2018
February 20, 2018
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My name is Jenna Marie and Rapid Resolution therapy changed my life…. and my perspective on so many things…. In just a few hours I was released from pounds of previous trauma and I owe it all to Kendra Simpkins….. Years of counseling was nothing compared to this…. I was using drugs to self medicate and I was taking all my anger out on people who were closest to me…. I realize now that I can’t change any part of my past…. it has to happen that way…. but now? It simply does not exist…. Healing was something I never thought would happen…. but it did and I’m finally smiling… a real, genuine smile…. Thank you Kendra… You saved me…. You gave me back my wings and I am forever grateful.”