Self-Improvement Happens with Zero Guilt

I’ve met with many people for sessions these last several weeks and it occurred to me how every single one of them was dealing with guilt. Guilt is feeling like we should have done something different then. How is it that so many people are expecting to have know then, what they know now, when they only know it having come through the experience. Guilt is showing up because it is an emotion, and our brain causes an emotion because it’s trying to get us to do something… Act better now on something that is no longer happening—it’s a timing error. Like when you’re watching a movie and you see the actor’s lips moving but you can’t hear what they are saying, then you start to hear what they are saying but it doesn’t match their lips moving, then their lips stop moving and you can still hear them talking. Guilt is very well intended and showing up as a form of self-improvement. People wouldn’t feel such strong feelings of guilt if they didn’t have such a strong interest in the wellness of self and others. Some people find value in guilt, in that the worse they feel, the better they will do because of their strong interest in the betterment of self and others. However, I’m not so sure that feeling really guilty or bad is going to cause anyone to move ahead in powerful ways, it only cause more of the same. If anything, if their intention is to move ahead and do better, then having zero guilt, being guilt-free, is going to provide clarity and cause them to move ahead in ways that are beneficial for them and everyone they come in contact with. Even, if not for them, everyone else around them is better off for you being guilt-free. Rapid Resolution Therapy can eliminate the guilt and provide clarity to move ahead in much more beneficial and powerful ways.