Rapid Resolution Therapy Exceeds All Other PTS Treatments: Freedom Over Pain

SNN News Ch. 6 Features RRT Work With Veterans
July 12, 2017
Rapid Resolution Therapy Clears Traumatic Grief, Provides Freedom for a Vietnam Veteran
November 7, 2017
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Veterans who served can get peace and freedom from a Sarasota PTSD counselor

Veterans who served can get peace and freedom from a Sarasota PTSD counselorVery few things get me fired up, but when it comes to healing the invisible wounds of veterans, you can count on this being one of them.

I recently became acutely aware of how detrimental the post-traumatic stress treatment at the Veterans Affairs can be. Over a month ago, I attended training with the Wounded Warrior Project in Washington, DC with other service-connected veterans. Several spoke about how they attended an in-patient program at the VA where everyday they would relive their trauma, talk about it, and encouraged to feel painful emotions of past events over and over. To make matters worse, if they weren’t talking about it with their social worker or doctor, they were writing about it. In hopes that they would become “desensitized.” The veterans I’ve spoken to who went through this horrendous experience expressed intense feelings of anger, anxiety and not wanting to live. After many weeks and months of experiencing painful traumas day after day they said that they felt a little better than before treatment but still suffer from symptoms. So just how much pain is one suppose to experience exactly before they should no longer experience pain? In all actuality, this type of treatment is extremely cruel, harmful and in my opinion unethical when Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is fast, effective, and painlessly eliminates trauma. Recently, I worked with a veteran who was on week 3 of the VA’s 12-week program. Not surprisingly, he was getting worse, but he was willing to see me for a RRT session. He was experiencing high activation of the “fight or flight” response and unable to speak about the trauma. After one 3-hour session of RRT, we completely cleared 3 traumas he experienced during deployment to Afghanistan. At the end of the RRT session, he was able to describe what happened during the deployment in detail without any disturbing emotions, which he had never been able to do. Several weeks later, he reported that he couldn’t trigger emotions about the event and thinking about it feels like reading a phone book. He expressed that, “Everyday I thought about ending it, I had nightmares every night, and now I’m just so calm. I was so close to giving up, but RRT made a massive difference. I can’t thank you enough.”

If you or anyone you know is suffering from the effects of trauma, makes sure they are getting appropriate, gentle and effective treatment. It is imperative to meet with a RRT practitioner for immediate and lasting relief. I am dedicated to indefinitely provide free RRT sessions to any veteran and first responder seeking healing.

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