Military and Veterans

A Better way for Veterans

Receiving support through the Veterans Affairs (VA) for mental health care can often be met with barriers when seeking counseling; treatments that are offered require veterans to relive painful past experiences for weeks, sometimes years. Rapid Resolution Therapy address issues related to military service such as depression, PTSD, substance use, and military sexual trauma. With RRT, the symptoms and root cause may be eliminated in one to two sessions, leaving the service member feeling clear and freed from painful events of the past.

At Sarasota Rapid Resolution Therapy, RRT sessions are offered to veterans at no cost. Session fee is covered through grant money with either Operation Warrior Resolution or SRQ Vets. A veteran who understands the challenges met by service members will provide the treatment.


Depression is a common disorder due to military experience, which can occur by itself or with PTSD and substance abuse. Many are not aware that they may be experiencing depression, but will have severe symptoms that interfere with daily activities such as sleeping, eating, or working. With RRT, we locate the source of distress and remove unconscious blocks to move forward. Once eliminated, you will feel energized and focused to engage in life.


Veterans are more likely to experience or witness a trauma such as death, war, physical or sexual assault, and accidents. Trauma causes debilitating psychological and physical symptoms, along with problems interacting in relationships. PTSD results in flashbacks, intense emotions, and trouble sleeping. RRT will help the mind understand that the trauma is no longer happening, and therefore eliminating emotions and flashbacks. Leaving the individual present to experience the current moment.


The VA’s preferred method of treatment for PTSD and military sexual trauma requires veterans to attend weeks or months of counseling while reliving painful events from the past using Prolonged Exposure (PE) or Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). These therapies are “evidence-based,” but most veterans are not able to engage in, let alone, complete treatment due to their distressing nature. With RRT, it is gentle and painless. Techniques will be used so that the mind can process the trauma. Once complete, mind is cleared leaving you present to life’s activities and clarity to move forward.

Veterans who served can get peace and freedom from a Sarasota PTSD counselor


Many treatments and therapist are available for counseling veterans. RRT is ideal for veterans who would like to eliminate painful emotional experiencing from past events without having to see a counselor week after week. Treatment is brief, painless, and the session lasts until the task is complete. Once the task is complete the mind is cleared. The effect is immediate and lasting. At Sarasota Rapid Resolution Therapy, you will have a counselor who has experience in military related mental health, and clearing traumatic incidents with the RRT process.